I asked 15 developers why they use Hashnode, and here's what they said

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Since Hashnode was relaunched as a blogging platform in mid-June 2020, we have seen immense love from the developer ecosystem. Due to this, we are currently growing at a rate of 20% and more on all our major KPIs.

I was curious to know exactly why developers use Hashnode; was it the in-built dev community, total independence of their content, custom domain mapping, customization, or all of them?

To find out, I reached out to 15 developers across the world and asked them a couple of questions that evolved around why they use Hashnode

Read through to find out what they said. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Victoria Lo, lo-victoria.com

Hashnode has taught me about the power of personal branding and the importance of giving back to the community through sharing knowledge.

When I created my blog on Hashnode, I used the default hashnode domain (victoria.hashnode.dev) because I didn't know the importance of mapping your blog to your domain. Thankfully, Sandeep (the co-founder of Hashnode) reached out to me, offering me my current domain (lo-victoria.com). And suddenly, my viewers and online following grew beyond what I could have imagined.

Victoria Lo

Thanks to developing my personal branding via my Hashnode blog, I got my current job as a Software Engineer at PayPal. So why use Hashnode? My answer is: why not?

Catalin Pit, catalins.tech

Catalin Pit

I read your blog a few times, and I liked the design and feel of it. I became curious if it's custom-made or you are using a platform. Then I found out that you're using Hashnode, and the rest is history. I jumped on Hashnode too!

In my case, it satisfies all my needs. Using Hashnode is like I asked for a custom-made blog. I like it in all aspects, and what I like more is that you can request features. Surprisingly, they get implemented super fast if they are reasonable and requested by more people.

Hashnode has all I need and more. I wrote a detailed article about why Hashnode is different from other blogging platforms here.

Ayu Adiati, adiati.com

Ayu Adiati

I discovered Hashnode via a tweet by Catalin Pit. My first impression was it is "different' and offers more features than other blogging platforms. So I gave it a try.

My experience with Hashnode has been excellent; The #2Articles1Week challenge motivated me to write consistently, I can customize the look of my blog, the community on discord is incredible, and the Hashnode team responds fast to complaints.

I use Hashnode because I can map my blog to my domain without worrying about security (SSH) and other things. All I need to do is write, and Hashnode takes care of the rest.

Nick Bull, blog.nickbulljs.com


I was looking for a platform that would let me connect with a strong developer community and map my blog to a custom domain. I explored different options like Medium, Ghost, and DEV, but they gave me one of the things I required but not all. Then I heard about a blogging platform called Hashnode on Twitter and decided to check it out.

I glanced through the features, and these were my thoughts. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • Easy managing content? Check βœ…
  • Can I host it on my domain? Check βœ…
  • Can you import previous articles from Medium? Check βœ…
  • Comment section? Check βœ…
  • Design customization? Check βœ…

I was very impressed and decided to use Hashnode as my blogging platform. Hashnode satisfies all my needs. I love it!

Tapas Adhikary, blog.greenroots.info


I use Hashnode for the following reasons:

  • The Power of Ownership: I own my domain, and my blog can be accessed using it. The fact that creators have total control of every content they publish on their blogs makes Hashnode unique and different from platforms like DEV, Medium, etc. Hashnode gives my readers and me full freedom.

  • The Community: On Hashnode, people encourage each other to write and improve their articles' quality. Hashnode hosts technical writing bootcamps, an active Discord channel, people in the community can help you review your drafts, brainstorm ideas on what to write next, and so much more. Hashnode also shares our articles on multiple social media channels, which gives us a better reach to our readers.

  • Outstanding features: When I started a couple of years back, Hashnode had a limited set of features. But look at it now! It has mostly everything to make us a productive author. A simple yet powerful article editor, analytics, draft sharing, customization, static pages, Free SEO, third party integrations, GitHub integration for saving my post and even publishing it, writing challenges to keep the community motivated so much more.

Ayushi Rawat, ayushirawat.com

Ayushi Rawat

Hashnode conducts technical writing bootcamps and exciting writing challenges, which motivate me to write more. I won one of Hashnode's writing challenges and received a fantastic swag kit from Hashnode.

Ayushi's Swag Ayushi's Swag Kit from Hashnode

I use Hashnode because I believe it is an excellent platform with a nice user interface. It's been a few months since I joined Hashnode, and the Community seems to be growing rapidly.

Braydon Coyer, blog.braydoncoyer.dev

When I decided to start blogging, I knew I had a hard decision to make -- which platform do I choose? When I found Hashnode in Q3 of 2020, I immediately knew it was where I needed to be. Other platforms can't compare to the features and flexibility that Hashnode provides.

Hashnode has given me the outlet to share my knowledge, findings, and struggles with an ever-growing engaging community. I didn't know I enjoyed writing as much as I do -- this new creative outlet is all thanks to Hashnode!

Braydon Coyer

Getting started with Hashnode is as simple as clicking a few buttons! It is, by far, the easiest way to start blogging in 2021, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Francesco Ciulla, francescociulla.com

Francesco Ciulla

My very first article on Hashnode was the first in the world to get the badge for "Featured on Hashnode." 😁 That made me so excited and more motivated to write and use the platform.

I love the fact that I can my articles to my domain, add static pages to my blog, preview my drafts and insert images and code easily.

I strongly recommend Hashnode for every developer but especially for developers who don't have time to create their blog and focus on creating content! Just create an account and start writing!

Omotola Shogunle, blog.oshogunle.com

I use Hashnode because it has a sense of community, the feedback on my post is almost immediate (good/bad), I see the analytics -- my blog performance is finally measurable. I have also read people's stories and formed connections with technical writers like myself, which's excellent. Also, the User Interface is beautiful and easy to use. It makes the job of writing content easier for me.

Omotola Shogunle

I would recommend Hashnode to developers interested in technical blogging in a heartbeat because it is honestly the most straightforward way to set up a blog. And trust me, I have tried a few.

Idris Olubisi, blog.idrisolubisi.com

Idris Olubisi

When I first heard about hashnode, I thought it was just like every other blogging platform, but I was amazed when I found out that Hashnode gives much more than just a blogging experience.

I use Hashnode because of its uniqueness, analytics, custom domain functionality, markdown experience, audience, custom page layout, daily.dev integration, friendly community, etc. I also get to network with amazing people, and I get several messages thanking me for writing great content.

I'm pretty sure that when any developer starts using Hashnode, there won't be any reason to stop.

Maxi Contieri, maximilianocontieri.com

Maxi Contieri

I use Hashnode because it is straightforward to use, customizable, and has a strong and growing community. I like it so much that I decided to map my domain to my Hashnode blog.

I have been writing 3 or 4 articles per week on my blog since October, and the feedback I've received from the developer community on Hashnode has been tremendous.

Ruth Ikegah, cakebaby.dev

Ruth Ikegah

I use Hashnode because it is not just a blogging platform but has a community of excellent developers where I can get an audience, feedback, and appreciation for my content. Additionally, Hashnode is the full package with so many unique features and ease with writing and analyzing contents.

My experience with blogging on Hashnode has been better and keeps getting better. Over time, exciting features are shipped in, and it's not just about what's changed but how it precisely suits the needs of the users of Hashnode.

Pratham Prasoon, prathamprasoon.codes

Pratham Prasoon

When I created a blog on Hashnode, I was very impressed. I use Hashnode because of the fantastic community, phenomenal interface, and ease of use.

Hashnode makes blogging very simple for me, and I would recommend Hashnode to other developers.

Adewale Abati, devlogic.acekyd.com

I heard about Hashnode on Twitter, and upon checking it out, it seemed like a lovely community where you can share opinions and content with other developers.

The experience with Hashnode has been smooth. I quickly set up my custom domain - for free and start writing my own articles. The analytics on posts are also great.


I use Hashnode because it provides a blog platform that I don't have to manage myself, and it has a community of developers, which ensures writers get more readership on their articles.

Ana Vela, blog.anavela.dev

Ana Vela

I heard about Hashnode through Twitter when they announced their first technical writing bootcamp. Providing valuable resources for blogging like this made me want to check out the Hashnode platform. I found it easy to set up and start blogging right away.

Hashnode continues to impress me with new features and hackathons to keep developers motivated to write and work on new projects. I'm always learning something new as I browse through articles regularly.

I find Hashnode to be a friendly place to write and learn from other developers. I recommend Hashnode to developers of all levels who want to start blogging.


Every single person I interviewed said Hashnode is absolutely worth recommending to other developers. In fact, one of them (Ayushi) has brought over 100+ developers on Hashnode already.

Hashnode is one of the fastest-growing developer blogging platforms. We want you to focus on creating and publishing articles on your blog while we take care of the rest.

I hope reading this article made you see the value Hashnode brings to the lives of developers. Not on Hashnode yet? Learn more & start your personal blog for free.

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Victor Adeshile's photo

This is just funny to watch. Lolz

Amarachi Emmanuela Azubuike's photo

If it were not for Hashnode, I wouldn't have owned a personal blog already. I love the community built around the product, and the product itself is built with so much user empathy. What's not to love about Hashnode?

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Thank you for using Hashnode, Amarachi. We appreciate all the love and support you show our entire team.

Tapas Adhikary's photo

Edidiong Asikpo, Thanks for featuring. I am very glad to find Hashnode as my primary blogging platform. With all my experience I can say, it has a long way to go!

Ayu Adiati's photo

Thank you for featuring me, Edidiong Asikpo & Hashnode!

It would probably take much longer for me to write on my own domain if it's not because of Hashnode πŸ˜„

I'm very glad that I found Hashnode! ❀

Bolaji Ayodeji's photo

Hashnode is the best! πŸ’™

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Thank you for the continuous support, Bolaji.

Ana Vela's photo

I loved reading how much Hashnode has brought value to so many tech bloggers! Thanks so much for including me!

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule to respond to my questions regarding this article.

We are here because of you. Thanks for using Hashnode. πŸ™Œ

Umair Hafeez's photo

Indeed it's a great platform.

For me it's kind of love at first blog πŸ˜‰

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Haha, I see what you did there. It is indeed "love at first blog".

Thank you for using Hashnode Umair Hafeez.

Pratham Prasoon's photo

Thank you so much for featuring me!πŸ˜ƒ

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Thank you, Pratham for taking out time from your busy schedule to respond to my questions regarding this article.

We are here because of you. Thanks for using Hashnode. πŸ™Œ

Braydon Coyer's photo

Thanks for the feature! Loved reading other developer's responses, too!

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

We are here because of you. Thanks for using Hashnode. πŸ™Œ

Victoria Lo's photo

Thanks for featuring me! I am genuinely glad to have found Hashnode. Hope everyone who read this will be inspired by the fellow devs who have used and come a long way thanks to Hashnode and bloggin :)

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

We are so glad you use Hashnode, Victoria. Your articles are always amazing and very insightful.

Thank you once again for using Hashnode.

Devalla Sai Charan's photo

This is really awesome. I have a thought of starting my own blog from an year. I tried out so many other forms like Github pages etc., but I gave up because there are lots of other stuff that we need to take care other than our content. But, magically Hashnode helped me to finally kickstart my dream of writing blog and contribute to the wonderful community.

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Aww, this is so good to hear.

Thank you for using Hashnode, Devalla Sai Charan.

Omotola Shogunle's photo

Thanks for the feature, it’s great seeing all these amazing reasons to use hashnode. Now people have more than enough reasons to join

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Now people have more than enough reasons to join.

Exactly. Thank you for letting me feature you in this article.

Kevin Pliester's photo

Great to be here. I don't really write anything, but I read here almost daily. Is for me a bit like news and to bring me up to date. Now if the posts on the front page can be filtered even better so I don't just see JavaScript or React, I'll be happy as a clam!

Otherwise: great article and especially great people here. Stay as you are and stay healthy!

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Hey Kevin Pliester. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you enjoy reading articles on Hashnode.

Yes, you can personalize your feeds to prevent only JavaScript and React articles on Hashnode using the Tags feature. Read more about it here and let me know if you need help with it.

Kevin Pliester's photo

Edidiong Asikpo Found it myself yesterday. I also do not know why I once selected this and now wonder why I see this in my feed :D

Own stupidity again. Thank you!


hashnode is simply amazing

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

I know, right! Thank you for using Hashnode, Nelson.

We appreciate your love and support.

Victor Adeshile's photo

Awesome feedback from all developers using hashnode.

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Yeah. Amazing feedback!

Thank you Victor Adeshile.

Maxi Contieri's photo

Edidiong Asikpo thank you very much for the mention!

Hashnode is one of those things you didn't notice you needed it, but now I feel it is impossible to figure out how to be without it.

I am thrilled of the feature delivery speed.

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Wow! That is so so cool.

Love reading your articles, Maxi Contieri. I appreciate all the support.

Ayushi Rawat's photo

Thank you for featuring me Edidiong Asikpo. Love to be a part of Hashnode Community!

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Thanks for all you do. Most specifically, thanks for inviting people to use Hashnode.

Ruth Ikegah's photo

All amazing reasons! Thanks Edidiong Asikpo for featuring me on this post. Hashnode is really a full package

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

It is the full package! Thank you for all the support, Ruth.

lary mak's photo

Nice work Edidiong Asikpo, Keep It Up,
hope to be featured too one day,
Hashnode be the Best ❀

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Thank you for your kind words and also for using Hashnode lary mak.

Sure, looking forward to featuring you as well.

Benjamin Ajah's photo

So I can read from people I admire in the community was my reason for joining hasnode (since hashnode harbor most them). Looking forward to contribute

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

That's good to know, Benjamin Ajah. I am glad Hashnode enables you to do that. πŸ’›

Bader Alharbi's photo

Why you guys ignoring R, :( no tags for R πŸ₯²

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

Hey Bader Alharbi. That's wasn't intentional but thanks for letting me know.

This guide explains how to request for a Tag to be included on Hashnode. Once you raise this request, we will review and approve it.