Top 15 Virtual Events Devs Should Attend in October 2021

Top 15 Virtual Events Devs Should Attend in October 2021

One of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to keep learning as a developer is to attend an event or conference. It can broaden your horizon, expand your network, strengthen your existing skillset, and more!

But with so many events available, how do you find the right one to attend?

In this article, I highlight the top 15 virtual events that are worth attending in October. I bet you will find one or more events that will be beneficial for you. 😀

1. React Advanced

React Advanced

Are you into modern web development with React, React Native, GraphQL, TypeScript and hungry to learn from the best? Then React Advanced is the perfect event for you!

The React ecosystem and community have grown drastically in the past years, and so did the complexity of web and JavaScript app development. It's highly recommended to take this journey with the help of others – so connect with the global network of field experts and explore the framework!

2. Dev House

Dev House

Dev House is a virtual Kubernetes event for application developers looking to improve how they code, ship, and run their applications. Whether you’re new to Kubernetes or a seasoned veteran, Dev House will supercharge your cloud-native developer experience through a series of tech talks, expert panels, and a four-hour Kubernetes hands-on training course.

Best part? It is 100% free.

3. DjangoCon US

DjangoCon US

DjangoCon US is a 2-day conference for users of the Django web framework. The event caters to the entire spectrum of Django users, from those who develop business apps on the framework to those who tinker with it in their spare time.

4. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA

If you are in the Cloud Native space, then you most likely know about the most talked-about KubeCon event happening in a few weeks. KubeCon is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference that gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities worldwide.

This year’s version will be an hybrid event, so you’d get a chance to attend even if you are not in Los Angeles. This conference will include keynotes, breakout sessions and provide an opportunity for you to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing. Learn more and register.

5. API World

API World

APIs have gone mainstream, and your company is likely publishing or consuming APIs already. So, attending the API World event is vital because you will get to network, learn best practices and build the new API economy together with Technical professionals & engineers from over 90+ countries.

6. DotNetOS Conference

DotNetOS Conference

This is a two-day conference solely dedicated to .NET performance. Although both foreign and native Polish speakers have been invited to present, all sessions are in English.

If you are interested in learning about or improving your knowledge of .NET, then this is a great event to attend.

7. Google Cloud Next '21

Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next '21 will help you explore dynamic content across all learning levels and dive deep into technologies and solutions spanning the Google Cloud and Google Workspace portfolio through breakout sessions, demos, and hands-on training.

8. VMworld 2021


Before you can build and evolve what comes next, you have to imagine it–even as the world seems to shift on its axis. VMworld can help make this world a reality.

VMworld is a can't-miss learning experience for developers interested in multi-cloud, Security, Edge, and Networking. ​​

9. Dash


Dash is an annual conference about building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams.

10. Container Orchestration

Container Orchestration

Container Orchestration is the automation of much of the operational effort required to run containerized workloads and services. This event will help you get up to speed with all things Container orchestration.

11. Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day

Kubernetes on Edge Day

Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day is the industry’s premier open networking event now expanded to cover Edge Computing, Edge Cloud & IoT comprehensively. This event enables the collaborative development necessary to shape the future of networking and edge computing.

12. Mobiconf


For the past few years, Mobiconf has focused on mobile development and UI/UX design, connecting developers and designers during a two-day conference in Kraków. This year's version will be happening virtually. This conference will explore three paths: iOS, Android, and Everything Mobile.

13. UXDX


UXDX is a global conference that explores the latest case studies, tools, and techniques to help bridge the gap between product, UX, design, and development. It features more than 50 speakers, conducts 16 workshops, and attracts different attendees across the globe.

14. International JavaScript Conference

International JavaScript Conference

The JavaScript world is constantly evolving, and there’s something new to learn every day. Want to be a part of that change and stay on top of the latest trends? This is a suitable event for you. From Angular and React to WebAssembly; from Progressive Web Apps to JAMstack – international experts share insights on the present and future JavaScript.

15. Microservices World

Microservices World

Microservices World is one of the world’s largest virtual microservices conferences. You will get to learn about the technologies and best practices in microservices architecture and DevOps engineering.

Thanks for reading up to this point. I hope you discovered a fantastic event to attend in October. 😀